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Quick Advice Of The Day 7.11 :

Confidence is Key <3

if You Dont Give Any Mind To Your “Flaws” Or Things That You Just Dont Like About Yourself„ People Wont Notice Them Either . Notice How All Of The Confident Girls/Boys Are Seen As Beautiful/Good Looking . They Love Themselves && Accept Themselves As Well . Like They Say„ “How Can You Expect Others To Accept You if You Cant Accept Yourself ?” Dont Waste Your Time Dwelling On Stupid ignorant Comments From Judgmental People . Theyre Just insecure About Themselves„ Or Better Yet„ Have Nothing Better To Do Since Theyre Low Life Enough To Think Theyre Above Anyone„ Which Just Brings Them Straight To The Bottom . Everyone is Beautiful && Unique in Their Own Way . && im Not Saying This Out Of “Oh its Right To Say This” . im Saying it Out Of Truth . Words Can Be Like Flaming Arrows„ Buht You Gotta Learn To Dodge && Strive Through <3 .

When You Wake Up in The Morning„ Try Looking in The Mirror && Saying This To Yourself ~ “Daaaaayuuum Thats One Sexy Beast .” <3

Weight Loss Tip Of The Day 7.2 :

Turn it Up ! <3

Super Quick Tip : Crank The Music Up When Youre Working Out .! it’ll Help A Lot To Block Out Any Outside Thoughts Or Things That Are Bothering You„ && Just Be Able To Focus On Your Workout && Doing it Correctly . Plus„ its Always Fun && Helpful To Workout To The Beat Of The Music (:

Some Songs i’d Recommend Would Be :

#STUPiDFACEDD - Wallpaper

Crazy Pipes - DJ Bomba

Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic

Get Your Freak On/Work it - Missy Elliot 

Ginger Pubes - Cookie Monsta (Dubstep„ Beat Goes Haaard)

Nutcracka - Lunaman

~ These Are Just A Few Songs i Listen To For The Beats && What Not . i Also Do Listen To Lots Of Slow Jams && All That Aha . its Really Whatever Floats Your Boat Yo (: Have Fun ;*

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